Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Farro, finally

The first time our assignment was to cook with farro, I had a terribly unsuccessful time of actually finding it, although turns out Whole Foods has been carrying it this whole time! Farro’s not as imposing as i thought - it just needs some soaking. I was worried a little, though I think I was mostly having a Thomas Keller-induced flashback of having to have so many ingredients and to complete so many steps. This recipe was pretty straightforward, so I kind of feel like it doesn’t count! I didn’t even have to make a sachet!!

I had somewhat unbeknownst to me, picked the day of that Patriots-whoever they beat play off game to make the farro. The football watchers at my apartment that day do not cook at all, so my flimsy excuse to not watch the game with them went over well. [“Sorry guys- can't watch the Pats, I'm COOKING!” “ooohhhhh, man, Jamie, we’ll leave you alone!” phew!] Even though most of the time I was futzing around online while the farro soaked in water.

Anyway, three quarters of a football game later, the results we immensely satisfying. I am an official Farro Believer, now, and will cook with it more (as long as I can plan ahead to have enough time to let it soak). Even though the recipe was pretty summer-y, it worked on that kind of dreary football-y day.

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