Thursday, October 28, 2010

Johanna: My First Scallop Brine

Menu: Caramelized sea scallops + buttered farro

Thank you, Veronica, for choosing such a delicious meal!  I really enjoyed both the farro and the scallops and was super-relieved that everything turned out more than just ok.  The husband pronounced it a major success.  (He is really into this whole cookbook club (aka I cook, he eats) thing.

I tried to pay attention to Tomas Keller's edict to "be organized,"  so I got everything prepped and ready beforehand so I didn't have to scramble hither and thither while I was cooking. 

My mise-en-place, with wine

I also cheated and made use of an excellent sous chef. 
Arthur really wasn't all that helpful.

After the farro was toasted and was gently simmering, I got to brining the scallops.  Um, brining scallops?  Who knew?  Delicious!  Will definitely do it again.  And I loved that the scallop recipe was basically like "do not touch the scallops for 3 to 3.5 minutes."  I always want to peek, and things are then never are as caramelized as I would like.


I was worried about the timing of everything, but it worked out perfectly.  (And deliciously!)  No cold food.  Hurrah!

Unlike Raku, I am not ambitious and did not attempt a third dish.  Like Raku, I didn't clarify my scallop butter and I reduced the amount of butter added to the farro.

Psst...sorry for the poor quality photos.  From my phone.  Couldn't find my camera charger.

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