Thursday, November 4, 2010

Johanna: on the joys of bacon

I made this soup for Halloween and, oh my goodness, our apartment smelled like bacon until Tuesday.  How wonderful!  The smell of rendering pork is absolutely magnificent.  LOVE.
mmmm....pork fat

But, I get ahead of myself.  I couldn't find anything other than just regular old green lentils at Bishop's Orchards, the lovely grocery / apple orchard / pumpkin patch not too far from our house (all though we did buy two 24-pound pumpkins at Kamran's insistence), and I'm not sure how much that purchasing the correct lentils would have changed things.  I never knew that lentils could be so fancy!  But I think that everything turned out nicely despite this pedestrian substitution.

I agree with Raku: sweet potatoes are an absolute pain to chop up.  Despite having brand-new fancy knives that I am generally terrified of, I really struggled to handle the potatoes with any level of deftness.  My pieces weren't uniform and all I could think about was that if I was on Top Chef, my lack of skills could definitely land me on the bad side of judge's table.

Even though the potato pieces weren't even, they seemed to cook up nicely and were just the right texture in the soup.  I had to cook the lentils a bit longer than the recipe indicated, so maybe I should have added a bit more broth?  (I did when heating up the last batch of leftovers on Tuesday.) 

This soup is definitely something that I will make again.  We had some guests over for Halloween lunch and it was a big hit!  Even the two-year-old seemed to like it.  I totally forgot the cilantro, though (even though I bought some).  Ah well, next time.

P.S. The parchment lid was fun to make, too.

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