Sunday, November 14, 2010

Johanna: Semihomemade Confit

I spent yesterday morning calling every butcher in the area and absolutely no one carried duck legs.  Who knew that they were so hard to find?  I would up at the grocery shop that carries all sorts of fancypants products and they only had duck breast, duck fat, and pre-confited duck legs.  (I mean, really, you carry venison but not duck legs?)  Boohoo.  So I grab a pre-confited leg and decided to at least make the salad.

The salad was pretty tasty!  Crisping the skin to make delicious fatty bits to sprinkle on top was a revelation -- I've never crisped skin myself and always appreciate it at restaurants.  It's so easy!  As for the rest of the recipe, I don't really have that much to report (um, it's a salad), but it came out nicely.  And I opted to top the whole thing with a poached egg (which I overdid a little).
See the crispy skin bits?

Anyway, this was kind of a bummer.  I don't even LOVE duck, but I'm really into the whole winter pickling, preserving, etc. thing lately and it would have been fun to move on from vegetables to meat.  If I do come across duck legs, I'll buy them and confit and report back here.

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